In January I want...

...lots of things. Wouldn't it be amazing if each month came with it's one special, allowed list of goodies? Because we will be hanging on to the virtual stuff (around here, anyway), I've put up a list.

Right now, I am very much into...

Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall 2010: Everything in this outfit, especially the bangs.

Pure pink roses.

(Grazzia France December 2009)
A crown and a casual evening outfit, if that in itself is not a contradiction in terms.

Baroque rock'n'roll and my own band, of course.

(The Selby)
At least a corner which looks like this.

All photos via, tumblr, the selby, tfs and souvenirs.

Sweet treats,

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  1. I've worn an ass-flower dress but I've never worn eye flowers. Hmmm.... ;-)


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