How to do a pink approach in 2010

There are so many occassions we casually run into pastel pictures featuring enchanting pink clothes or accessories on the internet! Not to mention the large variety of delicous-looking cupcakes covered in sparkly icing, or pretty girls with pink hair.

I am sure that you look at them with interest, because they attract attention and maybe some of you even save some of those pictures on your computer, for eye-candy purposes. I do that too, and quite a lot actually. I think the main reason is that the regular world around us tends to show only grey hues, maybe lighter ones if we are lucky. How many pink haired girls have you seen in real life on the streets, hm? I am sure the counter can hardly hit two. That is why I decided to bring you the ultimate guide to incorporate pink not necessarily in your life (or wardrobe for that matter), but into your attitude.

Tip #1: For starters, let’s begin from top to bottom: hair! Oh dear, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I would love having pink hair! Or purple, or tourquoise. But chances are I won’t get it nowhere in the near future. So instead I thought maybe some highlights would do the trick, for anyone who dares to take the plunge, even partially at first. In the collage below there are some really pretty examples of pastel pink hair-color, very easy to implement in real life. There are also some nice combinations of blonde or dark hair with pink higlights (middle left and bottom right):

Tip #2: Add some singular soft hued pieces in the closet. This one is really easy, and most of us already have something colored like this, even if we almost forgotten it exists. Dig it back and wear it! I am mostly thinking about large, soft blouses in dusty pink. The easiest piece to get away is still a dress. Just slip it on, add a pair of nice shoes and voilà! Also, whenever you happen to go shopping, try wearing a dress on that day: it will make it times easier to take it off and put it back again when you try on new stuff. Ok, pièce de résistance must be a pink colored faux fur. I personally haven’y seen something like this in real life, but it must be extraordinary! (And yes, chanelling that extra French-chic, too.)

Tip #3: Look for online inspiration to develop a sixth sense in how to rock tricky colors. No one wants to be taken for a huge cotton candy and neither for a small child. Here’s a couple of examples about how pink is done in fashion editorials. Other great fashion photography examples and a color breakdown can be found here and here.

Here’s how supers do it: left – Natalia Vodianova, and right - Behati Prinsloo.

Tip #4: Take it to the accessories: a bag, a pair of strappy shoes, or even an armchair if you believe in the power of interior design. Sometimes, just a splash of color like this can be enough to make you day. Plus, you don’t get to change the furniture in your house all that often anyway. Create a corner just for relaxation purposes; it should incorporate everything that inspires you and can boost up your energy levels.
As for accessories, I would still choose a nice pink purse for everyday usage, especially if I know I have a long day ahead. Sometimes, hot red has the same effect in the purse department, but that’s just a matter of preferences.

Tip #5: Search for online ideas, how certain things look on real persons. Of course, your favorite fashion bloggers are the ones to turn to if you feel stuck in a rut. It’s amazing how some one on the other side of the world can help you. Try to get in touch, interact, exchange ideas. Of course, online platforms showcasing what people wear are another fanstastic source of inspiration (Modepass, Chictopia, Weardrobe, the Wardrobe Remix group on Flickr etc). Don’t forget about your favorite public persons/artists! They may have already done every possible look on earth, so digging through archives can be really useful.

all photo credits: tfs, tumblr, some unknown.

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