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I have dedicated quite some space here over the past years to Asian magazines, style and fashion. There' s something special going on with that part of the world, you know what I mean? I would very much like to visit Asia sometimes. It's definitely on the to-do list. For this lifetime at least.

Even from a fashion point of view, I haven't seen such a clean, polished, gorgeous ed in a while! It's pretty hard to explain how it is so simple yet so magical. I'm not sure how I managed to stop staring for a bit and concentrate into putting my thoughts into words. Really hope I succeeded even a bit. There are no words good enough to do justice to the beauty of these shots. Enjoy!

above: "Asian Energy", Vogue China February 2010
Ph: Max Vadukul
Model: Lie Wen, Du Juan, Tao Okamoto, Ping Hue, Li Danni, Kang Qianwen

These photos are so perfect every time I want to add something, I feel the need to put here a quotation, something wise, it would fit so perfect with the overall zen feeling...

above: "New Trench", Vogue China February 2010
Ph:Yuan Gui Mei
Models: Du Juan & Philip Huang
all photos: tfs
P.S. Here's that something wise... have you ever seen better done all-jeans matching outfits?

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