Giles Pre-Fall 2010: You are like precious porcelain to me

Got to give it to Giles Deacon for the creativity he had on display at the Pre-Fall 2010 showing. The venue was the first sign that something special was on the way. Specifically, while other designers jump on the bandwagon of sumptuous decors, Giles chose "Manifattura Richard Ginori" for the location. For me, this also sends a clear message out, that of porcelain preciousness, pricy kitchenware and more exquisite decoration objects. In one word, regular objects turned to art, and appreciated as such. On a side note, the history of the porcelain factory goes back to 1735, when it was founded. Oh-la-la!

According to WWD, Giles “wanted to show the more industrial side of production“.

After what Giles came up with for SS 2010, I wasn't expecting anything less from his Pre-Fall, and apparently my expectations were completely met. First good thought? Hair-mania going stronger, bolder, sexy, more out there! After the great success with the SS 2010 hair with shades of pink and purple that made some well-deserved rounds on the internet, here we are taken to the next level: neon-colored hair (wigs for now, but it works for a pre). Besides this, pale reflections of the huge stacks of porcelain plates on which the models sat added to a surreal atmosphere: totally a twist and a nice change from regular settings, isn't it so?

Imagine being invited to this showing and having to personally experience the atmosphere, the rough feeling of what a porcelain workplace must be, stacks of the final products, stoned models placed around, looking like normalities more than casualties. "Contrast" must be the word of order, because "stillness" is overpassed by the visual impact of what the impeccable, structured clothes gave.

The show at the porcelain factory gathered a number of 15 outfits, all  wearable and accessible designs with a twist. With an extravagant head piece some of the looks, even the va-va-voom ones, are turned into stunning works of art.

Giles is fun: paper clips, wrenches and fluffy pom-poms around the head area were part of the flirty, industrial overall feeling.

The clothes ranged from short, playfull dresses, to long, evening-appropriate ones, all with a sexy side and a playfull touch oftenly consisting of a ball of fluff with eyes. A perfect bronze coatdress stole the show in my opinion, as did a long dress with a paperclip motif on it, perfectly matching the paperclip head accessory. A special part of my love goes to the shoes; not all pointy shoes look even acceptable in my eyes, but these were ultra-stylish and very well chosen to go with the all the pieces.

At the moment, numbers on the actual Fall collection go from 80 according to WWD up to 90 according to Style. I would say no matter what, Pre is here to give us a small taste of what the actual Fall show would be. And judging by the stats up until now, it will be epic. More shoe, hair, clothes fabulousness, all in one: Giles won't let us down, that's for sure!

all photos used above: WWD ( Davide Maestri) or

P.S. My dear Giles, if you read this, please send me one of those two-eyed ball of fluff to attach on my head (left-above photo), I love it and hope we will be great friends and partners in fashion crime. Giggles&love, me.

Sweet treats,

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