Fashion 2.0

The concept of fashion does not rely solely on runway shows, afterparties and photoshoots for some time now. It must be because the main players (designers, fashion labels, big or small) have felt the possible danger of falling way behind times once everybody was entering a new online world.
A couple of years ago, 2007 I would say, the fashion industry was given small hints that it should make a more consistent entrance into the virtual space too. To be more exact, it was because of the increasing attention that fashion lovers were showing. They were putting everything they loved out there, be it in the form of personal insightful comments of fashion shows or photographing their daily outfits. The year 2007 was maybe the most prolific one to launch personal blogs, websites, communities. In few words, everyone was reaching out for information and exchange of ideas. The more, the merrier. Shortly, things started to grow and develop fast, even more so than a snowball you throw casually down the hill. More and more attention from those who make fashion went towards this new public, eager for novelty and innovations. And why stop the giant snowball if bigger is better? No way, especially if it also includes other related fields like magazines, photographers, fashion critics and even more designers than before.
Since we are still at the start of 2010, it's time for a roundup of the most influential ideas set to fire up the worldwide fashion community. Before we do that, a short mention has to go to all the hundred-thousands, maybe million people who actively make this go forward each day. Virtual fashion communities can make a designer more famous, increase sales of popular items and also, if they are lucky, serve as an inspiration source… Welcome into the world of fashion 2.0!

Communication and beyond

It took some time for brands to adopt this strategy. But it payed off pretty darn well. Especially when it comes to accessible brands with good products at reasonable prices. Of course, the first name that comes to mind according to the above description is American Apparel. Its Facebook community will soon reach 200.000 fans, and this is just the beginning. The most important feature? Easy, two-way communication, available to anyone, from everywhere. Let’s not forget to include here the hit duo: clothing producer + lookbook site. The fans are offered the possibility to showcase their daily wear while being eligible for winning certain prizes. Who can say no to offers like that?

Fashion on-the-go

Twitter and various apps have a huge statement to make even if the novelty factor is slowly fading away. No way you will find out there any important fashion brand, site or even designer without a personalized and updated Twitter account. The amount of followers is also impressive, and it proves once again how much (&increasing) interest the public shows. The main interest is more focused towards developing iPhone apps, while the number of services available for other terminals like BlackBerry or Android is rather small in comparison. No need to fret though: the way things go, these too will receive more and more hearts from the developers.

Actively involving the audience

There are several methods available and brands have decided to put much effort into them. First off there is Twitter, as mentioned above, which can sometimes offer instant chances to win contests. Then there are niche communities put up by important names like Burberry, which encourage fans to showcase their outfits involving, what else, a trench. More and more brands are also embracing streaming and mobile broadcasts for runway shows, with great success.
The bloggers' contribution to all these events is huge and has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. You all know who they are, right? Also, the fact that they get instant press recognition, front-row seats at shows and collaborations with famous brands is just the start. The effort they put into their personal blogs, together with relevant, unique opinions makes everything even more diverse and fun.
Most important thing to notice is that all these go hand in hand. Litterally. Announce something on Twitter or on Facebook to ensure spreading the news. Further expand it on blogs. Word is, more people will be likely to tune in to see the show. Still, this didn't turn into fashion for the masses. It’s nice to notice that. Only those who pay genuine interest will be there. Cheers for the new decade of the fashionable web!
photos: tumblr
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  1. You spotted the communication trends in fashion really well. Since I started blogging it is so natural for me. Probably that is why I am surprised to meet people in fashion undustry who still don't recognize the value of it. But most of the time, as you said, companies take the maximum advantage of the internet.

  2. Online offers such great opportunites for traditional industry to have a go-to audience that have already indicated interest in their brand, as with FB groups or twitter followers. Live streaming fashion shows and the ability to see how pieces look on real people and 'listen in' on conversations that customers are having ... Really great article!

  3. Ooh just noticed your 'topics' cloud -> blowing my mind. Fabulous!

  4. Thank you both! I think it's really important to know where we stand and we can can continue grow from. I will have my eye on the evolution trends in this direction and probably post more on the subject in the near future.


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