Boys will be Boys: Burberry Men AW 2010

I have been keeping an eye on the menswear collections for AW which started showing some time ago. I waited and waited, maybe something else besides Burberry will blow my mind as much. I have yet to discover this coolness in another brand. Of course, all the other names did a good job, but they just didn't have the wow factor. In these circumstances, Burberry will be in the spotlight for this post. Why, why, I hear you ask? Well, you can just look at the images below:

all photos: Burberry via Design Scene

The show happened in Milan on the 16th of January and it consisted mainly of outerwear. Most of it was reminiscent of the military area: one could easily picture soldiers wearing those pieces on some Siberian fronts...

Also, at a closer look there were simple, neat trousers thrown in the mix, together with proper sweaters. We are talking about a definite British touch after all. The details were everything: from the wool details on the coats, to the men's boots, large bags, everything worked well together.

Because it is a Burberry show the star was, what else, the trench. The fact that Burberry pioneered the first trench, initially modeled after officers' outwear in World War I is quite obvious here. And boy, we sure are glad he did it...

P.S. Do yourself a huge favor and watch the show like it was broadcasted live from Milan, together with the comments, just like they appeared during the streaming... Oh, and play it again and again in the background: the soundtrack is so good.

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