You can find me here knitting snowflakes...

Tush: "Jeunesse Dorée" (source). I only wish it had more photos, it's so beautiful!

... and I've got so many left to do, the weather gets colder by the day and there's no snow in sight! Imagine having a Christmas without snow, it's like having a Christmas tree with no decorations on it! But fact is, huge trees popped out lately around town, looking spectacular in their massiveness. I love the decoration part when it comes to winter holidays, things always look so polished, and pretty-pretty like they never do all year round!
Since it's the time to put up some things on the Christmas wishlist, I plan to do so this week in a special post! Plentifully illustrated of course, and 100% covetable. I must begin to think about what it should include! Of course, it could be totally over the top and imaginary, but this can only add bonus points! Plus, imagination is the first step in getting us where we want, right? Word up!

Sweet treats,

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