Welcome to a very, very special installment here on SFT! Instead of an introduction, I will start with a short story. When I was little, a great pleasure around Christmas time was to decorate the tree. It always had to be super-tall, the entire process took several hours and involved countless boxes with decorations. Each time, I left a small note hidden in one of the boxes; next year, when it came to unpack everything again, I would find it and remember what I was up to the year before. It was like a message left by myself to myself over the year. It was a surprise because I never remembered putting the note in there...

The above story is very similar to what I have prepared for today. The way you (or others) landed here and keep checking back (thank you!) is like a message left for me, even if an anonymous one. Therefore, I will reply to it, whether it's a question or a search phrase.

You will find that what is written in bold letters are the keywords that a visitor entered; what will follow is my reply. Here we go. Hope you enjoy it.

i'm wearing: Well, I can't answer that, you should take a look down at yourself. But I can tell you what you should be wearing though! Especially this time of the year.

what do architects do when they scout a site: Gee, I have absolutely no idea. What do we do? I guess we look for well-built pieces. Get it? Ok, enough of my architectural humor around here, I'm saving that for real-life situations.

architect/special things to wear: Wow, this might be the exact description of my site. I do not kid! Thank you, fab reader, for speaking to my soul!

are the acne atacomas in silver still available anywhere? I don't know, have you tried the official site? Always go on the official site. I am slightly under the impression that still available anywhere is in itself a contradiction in terms.

coin tim walker: Oh, if you really want to (not really advisable though). I do fear it's the other way around though: he coined fairy tale fabulousness in my dictionary.

dirt diana vreeland: Now that's not.nice. She's too extraordinary. Watch your language!

elf treats: Ok... 'tis the season!

fancy baby girl winter coats: It would make the subject of a great topic, I agree.

fancy passport photos: No secret advice here. Mine are horrible too.

haute baby sweet treat pom pom girls skirt set: This was kind of weird. Let's take one at a time and we could make some sense out of it.

new urban dresses fancy collection metal coins work: Again, one at a time and we might work this out.

how to decide what to wear in the morning. That's a good question. Try finding your fashion mojo first.

my brain feels like it is spinning: Hey, now mine does too!

puff daddy et moncler: Really?!

sweet baked jewellery: Send a piece over! I'd definitely like to taste that!

thirteen nine seven seven architecture: You could have entered numbers.

what are lbds: Little Black Dress(es).

what to wear at a morning gala: That's a hard one. How early is it? Scratch that: any of these would be the perfect choice.

who does alex pettyfer fancy? I have no idea, let's go and ask him.

cleaning the cue ball for ken doherty at the uk championship in york, walking away from table and leaving ball marker on it: Exactly.

PS. Why do people google stuff and add a question mark? It doesn't exactly make a difference.

PPS. Special mention: Winona (from Daddy Likey) for this.

Sweet treats,

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