Telling a story without using words...

... is one of the greatest things one can do. Ever. More so if we are talking about accessories. Oh accessories, what would we do without you? Piles over piles later, still can't get enough. It reaches a point where looking for another item to display is just not enough: it has to tell a story too.

Imagine my joy when I entered this magical reign of jewellery that is called Digby and Iona. A beautiful, secret location for all the things precious and rare. I thought about underseas adventures when I saw these... and tried to merge into the collage below some of my favorites. If only I could cram the entire shop in such a tiny space.... and read more below to discover a surprise!

Since the holidays are right around the corner, Digby and Iona offer you a discount: enter the word "holiday" when checking out in the promo section and get 20% off that even includes the new collection! Up until New Years.

What about you? What are your favourite accessories?

Sweet treats,

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