A Short Beauty Stop

Generaly, when it comes to accessorising, everybody instantly turns to jewellery, shoes or purses. But it’s funny how most of the time we turn our attention from the most important accessory we have: our hair. The thing is, you just can’t pick another hairstyle or haircolor to go with your outfit everyday before you rush out the door. So this is why it is truly imperative to properly take care of it. This way, you’re prepared for anything, anytime. And doesn’t that feel great?

Surely, it is essential to be content with your hair color whether it’s natural or not. And it’s even more important to keep it looking good. Wait, scratch that, keep it at its best all the time. You never know what’s around the corner and if you have to attend an important event on very short notice and you haven’t had your roots touched up, well, that could be a problem. Of course, styling products are also important, even more when you want to create a special hairdo. You should first try what suits best your hair type and then stick to a limited range of products for as long as possible.

Sometimes I think Vogue covers should come as posters, too!

I had my hair dyed in many hues and colors until now, ranging from dark chocolate to light blonde, and it’s been quite the journey. But I must admite I do know my hair well now, what it can take and how much can I push the limits. If the hair is not properly taken care of, it may become frail and grow at a much slower pace. In processes like these, it would be better to turn to natural hair care products which protect the hair from the negative effect of chemical products. I can’t even begin to tell how important this is, because effects will only be seen on a longer time-span...

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