The Red Dimension

Even though the outside is slightly warmer and the snow has melted a bit, I still love jumping around in my new bright red boots. Such a splash of color works perfectly with all the white that has covered the streets. Plus, people always wear dark colors in the colder seasons, why is that? Bring on bright, bold hues! So these new boots are new and together with them I got another pair, more.. furrier which I will show you in another post. Both are from City Chic. I am so glad I have red boots now, it's the color for Christmas, perfect for shoes and... nail polish. Oh yes. 
This is about it for today. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Eeeep! I like the mood that this time of the years puts me into. It's very... cozy.

Sweet treats,


  1. great scarf! love your style

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  2. You made my day with this outfit! I'm lusting for colours - my winter wardrobe is mostly black, with hints of gray, white and some dark colours! The scarf and the boots are rad!

  3. thank you both!
    @carola: color it's a real energy resource, especially when it's cold&it comes in the form of fluffy things to wrap yourself into ;)


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