"One Day I’ll Ride A Big White Horse And Wear A Gown And Crowns Of Course"

So this quote that makes the title for this post sums up the exact feelings I have right now. Everything has become very hectic lately, in terms of not-having-time-to-do-everything-I-want-to, which sometimes can become really frustrating. Caught between all sorts activities (and I am not complaining at all). The only thing that I am quite worried about right now is that I don't get the time to post as frequently as I used to here. But I do catch up with all my daily reading, news and sorts. 
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Ok, enough about this stuff, I am so looking forward to the winter holiday you have no idea! Plus, Christmas and New Year's, just can't wait. These are photos taken yesterday after getting for myself an earring (one earring to be more specific) that represents a dog, made of small beads. I find it very fun, and also seriously thinking about getting a name for the dog, too. How about Robot, hm?

And I also got a new hair accessory, I have a soft spot for these. The sheerness of it makes it quite hard to photograph properly in dim environments, but here it is nonetheless:

Have a super-Friday! Or even better, make it be this way!

Sweet treats,


  1. Everybody has a hectic period these days... even me! Really donno why, but I still try to brighten things up in my own lil' way. ^.^ Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. hectic times must be because of the holidays approaching!
    but hey, who's going to enjoy that time of year, hmmm? ;)
    thank you for the nice words! xx


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