Happy... everything

Hello sweet ones! I hope everyone had some quiet, warm days. And there are nore from where those came from! Christmas is such a beautiful occasion each year to fill ourselves with happiness and share it with everyone around; I love this time of the year because the atmosphere is so postive and people try to focus on good thoughts and feeling. It's indeed magical!
Please hit play on this, if only for a few seconds, it's the perfect soundtrack for the photos below!

Also, for those of you who still believe the contrary, Santa really exists! Thank you for everything&hugs!

So this is it for now, we'll meet again, right here, in a week. Take care of yourselves and see you soon!

Here's something extra, very well written advice via one of my  favorites, You Are Remarkable:
"fall asleep in a big pile of good people. exhaust yourselves with love and cheer, expend more energy than you thought you had in you on your smile alone and wear yourself out with it. [...] gift the gift of love, and let it shine through your face for everyone to see. light up the room with it, and pass it on to everyone you see. that smile is contagious, so spread the cheer, spread the cheer."

Sweet treats,

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