December Tan

photo above: Jamie Nelson

photo above: Vogue Nippon January 2010, editorial: The Day She Saw The City

photo above: Jamie Nelson

I really hope I am not the only one wishing summer was still on when looking at the pictures above. The one in the middle however is just a way of saying summer feelings can be remixed into winter. If you are wondering where do I spot a sense of warmth in that photo, well, it's the light trousers which show some skin around the ankles, a short fur-jacket and some random socks & boots thrown in the mix. It's like travelling directly from the other side of the world and having to live out of a suitcase for say, a week, surviving on the casual things you brought along.
Sometimes I wish summer and winter were a team and knew how to share their influence more often than once a year, at such a long time-span. Couldn't each get a fifty-fifty every other two months? It would be great, plus, everybody would have a natural tan in mid-December. And then we could call it wintertan, haha.
I suppose I rambled about this since today is the first official day of winter. From now on, snow should be seen around... Any time now, snowflakes, did you hear this?

Sweet treats,

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