Cold, White and Crisp

Hi, hello, how are youuu? Pardon my absence, I was busy working and functioning on little sleep. But hopefully as things start to become normal again, the posting program will resume, too. Anyway, let's switch to what everyone's talking about these days: it finally snowed outside! And even more since these photos were taken. Plus it's quite cold, my head was about to freeze today. I wore this faux-fur and it kept me very warm. I repeat though: I need a longer one, asap, I want at least half of my legs to benefit from extra-warmth, thank you. Will begin the search as soon as I have more time on my hands. As for the heels, well, I ventured bravely on the slippery streets only to discover my stability has sensibly increased than when wearing falt boots. Yes, really. The sole of these new boots is ah-mazing! A relatively recent acquisition (if we can refer to a month ago as being "recent"), together with the earmuffs. My only regret is that I'm stuck in the city with no real opportunity to enjoy the snow properly. For now.

Sweet treats,

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  1. Lovely coat - I'm trying to hunt down a nice faux-fur coat, it's fun, warm and looks incredibly chic!


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