Christmas Wish List

As we (I think I am speaking for all of us here, right?) are counting down the days untill Christmas arrives, I thought this weekend I should put up an imaginary Christmas wish list, too.
"So, Santa, I have been so good this year... Here are my top three picks. Love, me."

screenshot from Si Lolita

The newest Lolita Lempicka perfume called Si Lolita. The picture above is a screenshot from the Si Lolita site with my doodle on it. It's as good as you can preview it above, check it out! Last Christmas I got another LL perfume: this one.

These are the best in the over-the-knee boots department. Well, these and the Stella McCartney treats, too.

And finally, I picked this coat for being the best representation of a cross between a coat and a dress. It's so wicked! But the more realistic approach is a long, faux-fur coat. Last year I got a short one and now I wish so bad for a longer version! Long... just above the knees would be perfect. And in white or grey if possible.

What do you wish for this Christmas?

Sweet treats,

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