Winter With A Touch Of Summer

I am a winter&autumn lover but at some point I feel like going "Stop with the blizzard already!". Then I look at people around and all the time someone has a warm-feelings-inducing fur coat on them. I am dying (to say the least) to pull out mine too, but I have to wait just a tiny bit more. That bit that will make fur be perfect even at midday temperatures.

In the meantime however, I got a new pair of earmuffs. In black. Oh yes. A different model though, which goes through the back of the head. I love them, even though my earphones are getting slightly claustrofobic underneath them, but hey, you can't please everyone, right?  Didn't get the time to take photos of/with them. Yet. Actually, I can't remember the last time I took an outfit photo. This is slightly depressing, but I barely have enough time to actually be at home. So, maybe, on a sunny day. Just you wait for it, it will be epic!

As far as the above photo is concerned, I just had a sudden urge of drawing something, so I used my face as a blank piece of paper. Fun. And if you ask what was the touch of Summer, well, it's floating in the air. I hope I will call it an early evening today since I am (still) a bit short on actual sleep. Whoa. xx

Sweet treats,

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