This Is More Like It

I would definitely blame the rainy past few days for making me appreciate sunny colors and pastel prints even more than I usually do. Sometimes throughout winter or fall I happen to turn back to what summer feels like in terms of color palettes, materials and, well, spirit.

Nothing more appropriate to illustrate these feelings than an old Vogue editorial, n'est ce pas? If one can refer to 2002 in terms of old, oh modern times... but it did age well, just like fine wine:

photos: tfs

Editorial: Flowers
Model: Eva J. Kubatova
Hair: Orlando Pita
Makeup: Pat McGrath
Stylist: Lori Goldstein
Photographer: Steven Meisel

Excellent distribution! And speaking of summer, I could think of more than a few ways of re-working light, summer dresses into the winter wardrobe. Just throwing in some grey, large sweater, a pair of opaque tights, silver bangles and some over-the-knee boots and you are ready to take on the streets! Or the snowflakes, or the raindrops, or the cold wind, that is...

Sweet treats,


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