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While doing quite a hefty amount of writing around here about magazines, blogs and the supposed war between them I can't refrain from going there once again. Particularly because I have found an older Elle editorial. If one can call "old" something printed in May 2008... Anyway, it is gorgeous, I only wish it had more photos. 

Really now, something has to be done with my stacks of magazines before they kick me out of the room. But what? Nothing will ever beat print. Not when it comes to mags, and not when it comes to books. Agreed?

Killer look. Tying a leather jacket around your neck? Not that wearable in real life but it does make for a great photo. The title of the ed is "Hard Rock". Of course.

I will leave you with this eye-candy for the day. It was just too good not to share right now. And I will post something more consistent tomorrow, after a good, long and well-deserved night sleep. Take care.

Sweet treats,

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  1. gorgeous ed! i still regret the huge bag of mags (diff editions of vogue, hb, elle and others) left at my old apartment in bucharest. i've planned to get it back, but it was not stored properly so i had to throw them all away :(


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