Stars Come Out

If you were to pick a piece of jewellery, what would it be? Just one single piece that would go perfectly with anything you feel like wearing. Note that wearability of jewellery is not restrictive by any means and is by itself a notion that can be interpreted over-and-over again. I love the idea of picking, say, a pearl necklace and wear it with a pair of gray sweats and high heels or, of course, with a black dress.

photo credits: fashion gone rogue

Sometimes select watches can also be considered jewellery pieces all by themselves. They don’t have to be all covered in precious metals or heavy with gems. The simplest silver watch hanging carelessy on the wrist will prove to be a miracle in the elegance department. Since the northern hemisphere is entering winter anyway, a watch and a cashmere sweater are all you need for a day to night look. Try it one day.

It seems we are on the way to extravagance land anyway, so why not adopt as a statement piece a tiara? Yes, it has become slightly overused in fashion editorials which aim at very young public. But honestly, could we ever get enough of them? Definitely not. In fact, tiaras have long gone down the way of casual streetwear, instead of being reserved exclusively for royal figures…

But let’s stop worrying about what we could buy if we could afford it and stop drooling over ten thousands dolars worth jewellery. Fine jewellery began defining itself way back, when most of those who appreciate it today weren’t even born. I particulary refer to vintage pieces. Vintage rings or necklaces are so spectacular and many times they don’t come with such a high price-tag. Not higher than designer jewellery of our days anyway. While typing these words I remembered about steampunk jewellery, a cross between vintage and mechanical, it is amazing to say the least!  You can read here an article on it written back in June.
So I say recycle any way you can and if by doing this you will look fabulous too, well, it’s a win-win situation!

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