Sometimes I look at photos and imagine them in Black&White

all photo credits: Ren Rox

All of the above are taken from my latest photography site crush... 

Ren Rox. There's something eerie about these photos which leads me into gazing at them for minutes and minutes again.

Should I go (yet again) in stating the incredible power of expression that black&white photos have? They accentuate the feeling coming across it, the defining lines and clear contours, oh...

Some things I could obsess over since laying my eyes on these photos: bangs, wild flowers superposed, impressive head accessories, double takes on anything.

Instead I will be drawing inspiration and build up my own imagery. I should be posting some new photos over here too these days, so once I get around to do it, they will be up!

The town starts piling up on winter decorations and this fact alone, at the start of November, is freaking me out: they spoil all my winter joy already! Is that weird?

Today was so cold that the green branches, still with leaves on them, fell down on the ground and covered it all up. It was sad to see this the first thing when I went outside. Winter is biting hard.

Sweet treats,

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