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More than looking at pretty pictures with clothes (although that is something hard to top in itself) I appreciate when I can learn something in the process. What I mean by learning is not acknowledging or getting inspiration, but understanding a meaningful concept. Of course, no need to say it, when fashion and interior design come together, it all gets even more interesting, not to mention exciting!

But enough with the introduction already, let's get to the point: Eunsuk Hur is a textile designer who searches for innovative ways of expressing oneself in the domains of fashion and interior design. She is pushing the limits of what textiles mean today and her work is very future forward.

Eunsuk Hur graduated in 2009 from central Saint Martins School of Art and Design with a degree in MA Design for Textile Futures. Because I find her project so special, I will quote directly the Project description just as it appears on the site:
"An interchangeable modular system of textile pieces can be transformed by the user to create a new piece of clothing or interior accessories which promote sustainable design. Each piece can be put together in a variety of ways allowing the user freedom of design with playful experimentation, different outfits that are emotionally durable and multifunctional."

all photo credits: Eunsuk Hur
After enjoying some visual glee, I wondered what materials and techniques are used to create such lively, dynamic effects. The answer is laser cutting and other methods such as sublimation printing on wood, acid printing on wool felt or etching onto leather. What is truly remarkable is that the textiles can be reinvented by alteration as many time as wished and thus creating sustainable final products.

The conclusion to be drawn from all this and from the work of Eunsuk Hur is that we need to involve ourselves more into what we wear and what surrounds us. I think the era of mixing&matching (oh, delightful concept that was) is clearly coming to an end. We need to be more emotionally involved into what surrounds us, in order to properly appreciate it and take care of it...

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  1. The designs are beautiful and I love the concept behind them. It is unbelievable how much possibilities textile design has. The colours are amazing and very much "in" and I love the idea of erasing the boundary between fashion and interior design.

    I've been following your blog for a while, so was glad to find you in links a la mode!

  2. there is some astounding construction technique in those pieces... very inspiring.

  3. This blog is very nice and informative.Thank you for the great story.


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