MMM x Stipe

When fashion meets other related areas, it can only mean one thing: supreme stuff. This time it's about a collaboration between Michael Stipe, lead-singer of R.E.M., and... Maison Martin Margiela. Now, before I go about what all of this means, I must share with you the very first question that came to mind: "Did he get to meet the mysterious Margiela?" Nobody knows for sure how Margiela looks because in more than 20 years of fashion career, he never showed himself to the public. But I am digressing.

Michael Stipe is a successful musician but also a photographer and a sculptor. Plus! He has a Lacoste collaboration in his portfolio. But now he created for Maison Martin Margiela a mini cassette which will serve either as an art object or as an accessory. The multiple uses of the item are exactly what Margiela would think about (read: plot). Neither one of the choices in their entirety. Promise I can't get enough of this.

The cassette is made of silver and only 199 pieces are available at Margiela boutiques and selected retailers. A black ribbon attached to the cassette is made so as to resemble an unraveled tape. All this is put inside a notebook signed by Stipe.

Sweet treats,

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