In precious lands, time passes backwards

One needs jewellery. But won’t die without it: jewellery is for the sole purpose of decorating ourselves and make us appear more mysterious, polished or appealing. Some wear jewellery just because they remind them of something dear that has happened in the past.

Pieces with sentimental value are worn years after years without the thought of letting it behind one day even coming up. However, some persons claim they can’t even think clearly without wearing one or more rings on their fingers or without a stack of bracelets hanging from their wrists. And know what? They actually could be right. One can’t judge clearly if a part of them is missing. Nevermind about thinking in physical or financial terms, jewellery is strictly related to feelings, perceptions and what part of them one wants to put out there. The sound of a few bangles coming together or that made by chandelier earrings when the head turns are enough to bring one back in the present and focused. It may sound weird, but this is how it works.

When it comes to jewellery pieces, saying that there is a maximum number one could own is of course, ridiculous. But it’s even more ridiculous to assume we could ever stop lusting after fabulous or unique pieces. Compare jewellery with shoes or clothes if you like: they couldn’t be more different. While clothes keep us covered and warm during winter and shoes literally keep our feet far from the ground, jewellery is not something that can be listed as necessary. No, jewellery does not dress us or keep us warm, but it does something even more important: it talks about us and suits our character and feelings. From this point of view, jewellery is essential when it comes to defining one person at a first glance. Oh, and don’t think about the financial aspect: expensive jewellery does not define you. In the end it all comes down to the shape, colors and originality. A heavy diamond does not make anyone more valuable, but an original, statement piece, even more if it is handmade will truly represent who you are and what you stand for...

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