Glitter Bug Hiding In Your Pocket

In the shiny department, it is quite a blurry line between just right and too much. If done right, there's nothing more beautiful than a sparkly look, even if it is dripping in jewellery or paillettes. Admittedly, it is quite a challenge to pull off such an outfit and not crossing the line of good taste. Here's why I am sharing today with you some images from my never-ending inspiration folder. I promise it is packed with goodness.

photo credits: iconology

photo credits: glossy

Beside the embellished clothes and accessories, one can get a tiny bit of glitter into daily life by using a nailpolish which shines discretely in the light. The same goes for lipgloss. Plus! That is also yummy if you choose it thoughtfully. I will let you listen to a song I thought it would suit the spirit of this post very well, judging by the rhythm. Enjoy!

Have an amazing, fun weekend everyone! xxo

Sweet treats,

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