I got these boots pictured above last week and wore them just a couple of times. But for no real reason though, they are so comfortable. If this blog post is surely turning into an ode dedicated to them, I might as well go ahead and say why they cached my eye in the first place: because they are the ultimate criss-cross between mountain boots and heels, high boots and a pair of booties. They have shoelaces, they have zippers, and a thick (& somewhat elastic) sole made to stomp on the streets, haha. To sum it up, they are fun, fun, fun!

And if by any chance you were wondering what's with the black fur ball in the first photo, well, they are the new pair of earmuffs. Black for this winter, because those from last year were white.

Sweet treats,


  1. can you believe me that I wanted to buy the same pair?they didn't have my size...:(
    from benvenuti, no?love them:)

  2. haha, yes! and imagine they put in the box a size smaller than mine so I had to return them back and get the right pair...
    didn't they have the camel-colored pair in your size?



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