Attitude Girls

Since today is Friday I thought the most pleasant way to start the weekend would be by gathering some great photos from the latest editorials that surfaced across the online world. So there you have them, two in black&white and one in color, a "tradition" I suppose I already have you familiar with. Why "Attitude Girls"? Because, in one way or another, these photos express so many things/feelings through the posture and the props. If you want to see more from each spread, just click on the link below each photo.

all photos: Fashion Gone Rogue

I was about to end the post here, but it got me thinking, why did I choose these exact photos for an inspiration post? Let's see: for the first photo it is kind of obvious, the huge hat! At the second photo I love the posture and how blond hair goes with an animal print blouse, animal print being something I don't really fancy all that much on a normal basis. Third shot has something so wicked about it with the urban perspective going on in the back and misterious look of the model from underneath those sleek bangs. 

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