50s dresses, glasses and sweets!

This is a short selection of 50s dresses and glasses. And to make things even more delicious and eye-candy worthy, I also threw in the mix a matching dessert. Sa-sweet! Of course, each set belongs to a different girl/fictional character who can't wait to share with you her view on life and style. Ready to meet them? Let's go!
The first girl is Annie. She loves how fresh the air smells in Spring and likes to take long strolls around the park that time. On many occasions, she would plot fabulous picnic parties with her group of girlfriends where they share delicious macaroons and red wine. Annie loves to dress herself as feminine as possible. Not too over the top, but she does enjoy some pink hues here and there. Every time she will meet you on the street she would say "Hello, how are you?" in a friendly yet high voice. One more reason to want to be friends with her.

Baby Kat is not her real name, it's the nickname she would respond to. Even though her real name is Kate, people call her Baby Kat because of her effervescent personality which brings her in the spotlight wherever she goes. She enjoys wearing darker hues of color because they complement her skin tone in the best way possible. But she can choose wearing light blue from time to time if she feels like it in the morning when she picks the dress for the day. Baby Kat enjoys celebrating everything and throws regular themed parties in the countryside where her family lives in a big mansion.

Baby Kat's inventory: Vintage dress  ♠ Vintage glasses ♠ Almost Coconut Cupcakes

Sarah is the typical example of an uptown girl. Always dressed up and never caught off guard, she enjoys life as a whole, not thinking too much about what tomorrow will bring. Her greatest dream is to open a hat boutique of her own and start a business. For now, she works as a sales assistant in her mother's store where she helps with the packaging. Sarah loves wrapping presents in colorful paper with an extravagant matching ribbon. She is requested to do extra work for birthday celebrations or holidays and she will save all the money she earns for her future hat store.

Sarah's inventory: Vintage dress ♠ Vintage glasses ♠ Real pancakes

photo credits from the respective links
The girls hope you liked them and are already looking forward to meet you again. From a different era, though. I suspect them of being time travelers. What a great way to spend one's life! xx

Sweet treats,

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  1. ok i love all of these i like the mixture :)


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