State of Grace. And Cats.

It took me until I saw The September Issue movie to completely just understand how an inspiring person is Grace Coddington. The red-haired dame is the Creative Director at Vogue and works together with Anna Wintour. Grace Coddington is the type of person who will bring pies at a Vogue photoshoot happening at Versailles. I have read several opinions which clearly give it to Grace as the hero of the movie. She is the brilliant mind behind the most photoshoots for the American Vogue and the only one able to stand up to Anna... and get away with it.

Until now, Grace has edited several books, among which stands "Grace: Thirty Years Of Fashion At Vogue". However, her latest book entitled "The Catwalk Cats" created together with her partner Didier Malige is particularly interesting. The focus is on the Coddington-Malige family and their cats Puff, Henri, Coco and Baby.

As expected, the cats are pictured acting very fancy, and show their high-class feline status in a funny, charming manner. The cover of the book:

And several other illustrations from the inside:

I am so in love with these illustrations, they are simple but at the same time entertaining, witty, charming, you name it. Proof that Grace can do genius things while being a person who didn't lose her sense of humor on the way.

Sweet treats,

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