Quicker than one can say Marc Jacobs...

...is online shopping. These days, we have reached the point where you can literally build up your life on the internet and then just upgrade it to the real, physical version of yourself.  In focus is this website which attracts attention even from the way it presents itself: think about any noncommercial fashion-focused website, then compare it with this particular site, Fashion Confidential. The visual experience is the same, except here the clothing pieces can acutally be purchased. High-end pieces are all gathered here and on display for visual satisfaction (and for those who can afford it, even for real-life enjoyment). The crème de la crème in designer clothing pieces can be found on display.

And another thing: the magazine of the site features not only the clothes available and how they can be worn, but also focuses on stylish persons, the likes of Leigh Lezark, Julia Stegner, Clémence Poésy; the favorites of every street style blog out there. On the same note, a pleasant surprise was the Style Reports section, which is up to date with everything the high fashion circles have to offer. Extra points for the layout, accessibility and overall good aesthetics.

It’s impressive how far the industry has gone and well, developed itself to the point where buying online becomes an entirely special experience. If possible even closer to that of perousing a real life glossy magazine. Only you don’t have to wait for it to appear on a specific date of each month... Don’t you think? With this in mind,  designer fashion showcased online has grown a lot: it is to be appreciated when the potential client can choose from many trend possibilities, mix and match them while being inspired by the seller site itself.

So, online experience shouldn’t resume only to runway shows and tasteless shopping sites where the purpose of selling things is so obvious it’s no longer attractive. Hello to a new generation in online experience. To be enjoyed it as much as you would any printed magazine. After all, it’s the same thing, only with often appearances and easier to reach…

Sweet treats,

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