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Since this week I had little time to write consistent stuff around here, I thought today I'd share some of the stuff I did (and took photos of) during this time. In five pictures.
First off, I used different nail polish colors for each nail. Fun, fun! Also, next time I redid it, was asymmetrical. Needless to say, they attracted some attention. Thinking maybe some brighter colors would be even better, wouldn't they?

Candidate for the title of favorite bag of the week. It's relatively new and it's the perfect size right in between too small and too big. In other words, perfect whether I'm going to classes or around town. Plus, it is so soft I can barely take my hands off it most of the time, haha.

Then one day I remembered I had this flower hair pin from a few years back. Since it still looks good, I wore it for the day:

Yesterday I drew something using colored pencils. Can't remember the last time I did it (seriously), maybe sometime around last winter? Colored crayons make for a nice decor element, otherwise. This is how I keep mine, in a round box:

Ice cream after cake for breakfast today. I felt very sugar-y. Still do a bit I guess. But having a sweet breakfast is one of the fastest ways of feeling full of energy in the morning. Well, that and coffee.

This is it for this week, I'm already looking forward to what the next one will look like!

Sweet treats,

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  1. love the soft-focus, dreamy images. and the crayons - I remember the huge stack I used to have (I was drawing insanely during my school-years, even if I lack the talent to do it ;). I instantly felt the need to go to by some and try my hand at some drawing :)


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