My Fictional Haircut(s)

Every now and then I have this idea I should cut my hair shorter. Shortest possible. Then I am happy I didn't actually do it since realize I would have been totally devastated. Then I go on and on about the advantages and disadvantages of one haircut or another aaand, well, I always end up being happy with the way my hair is right now.
But one thing is for sure! This doesn't stop me from saving images on my computer with some haircuts I like best. I had bangs two years ago and it was terrible when I decided that I wanted to grow them long again. That's why I still have a respectable quantity of hair pins. One for every mood. You get the idea.
From my ever-growing inspiration folder I give you...the haircuts section!
We'll start with the ones whcih feature sleek hair and bangs. For sure, one of my latest soft spots:

This medium-lenght hair would be ideal too, if mine wouldn't (literally) explode at this level of shortness. Still, they look very classy and are easy to maintain:

Curled for a touch of galm, if more was ever needed. I love how girly and playfull it looks:

Then there are these are the images which gave the title of the posts. Great to look at, picture perfect even, but hard to maintain. Also, hard to believe I'll be hitting the blonde camp again any time soon, but well. These are high on my list too. Maybe, one day...? P.S. Accessories totally needed too.

photos: tfs, tumblr or unknown
How do you like your hair to be? Colors, cuts, opinions?

P.S. Sporadic and unpredictable posting, but completely motivated. I am decided though to keep it up just the way it used to be. Will do this! Thanks for all the emails and feedback, love!

Sweet treats,

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