It's Been a Long and Beautiful Summer

“I spent part of my childhood on a farm.” said Karl after the Chanel SS 2010 show. Well, monsieur, you've outdone yourself if that's even possible. I wasn't expecting to actually like the collection, but there's something about it, that easy way of transitioning from one texture to another, to nonchalantly mix evening dresses with clogs. Of course, Chanel, but still... clogs! I wonder whether is there something left that Karl couldn't pull out successfully. I mean, is anything left to interpret? I think I might be asking myself this question after each new collection and still find no reasonable answer. This man can do anything. Umm, please adopt me? Yeah...

And of course, as always, but hey I am gratefull, the internet is dripping with photos from the Chanel show: outfits, details, models, backstage action, it's all here for our viewing (and sighing) pleasure:

all photos:, collages by me

For obvious reasons, only Karl can put the words
Chanel and farm into them same sentence with high class. Ok, now where's that haystack??

Sweet treats,

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