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It feels so incredibly good to have a bit of time to indulge in finding small internet treats. Oh yes. I guess you could tell that by my sporadic posts as of late, but I am so not going anywhere. Online speaking. Actually, having a couple of hours put aside today for fashion purposes, I finally got to dig up more details on one of the most amazing fashion shows in Paris. It blew my mind: I love when people do stuff and then all it's left to do is gaze into the open air and think "It is so natural/obvious, how come anyone else didn't think it up until now???". But let's stick to the object of today's post and let me take you a bit further into what the Viktor&Rolf SS2010 show meant. Not only they had Roisin Murphy sing during the show (as if that fact solely wouldn't have been enough), but they also had a matching scenography. The entire thing was put up by Studio Job. A short quote via Dezeen: “Studio Job and Viktor & Rolf cherish a long friendship. When our creative paths cross, we enjoy working together. Jewelry, prints, furniture and now designs for a runway.” – Nynke Tynagel and Job Smeets.

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Everyone's attention was distracted by the huge chopped dresses (which also got the biggest press coverage), but the simpler looks were kind of amazing too. These dresses (top row above) could be easily be taken to real life, so chic! Perfectly balanced collection.

photo credits: style, dezeen

[I so dig the huge globe with twice the hight of a normal person! Of course, it is covered in crystals, if you were wondering, yes.]
Is it nuts? It is unexpected, bold, risk-taking, lovely with a twist or simply insane, you name it. I have only one word to describe it: fabulous to the last fold of tulle.
Watch show here: Part one and Part two.
Extra, extra! Roisin Murphy's performance for the Viktor&Rolf show is available for download here. Approximately 12 minutes of yumminess, me loves!

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