Fashion, not clothes: Ann Demeulemeester

Turns out I spent a great deal of my Sunday scouting for online old fashion collections. Not as vintage as Yves Saint Laurent or Chanel that go well into the last century, but something circa 1980s, 1990s. It is very interesting how specifically hard is to find even one or two photos from 90s shows belonging to designers who made their debut around those times.
I thought it would be very interesting to have a look on something like this and I am thinking even to turn this into a regular feature? We shall see.

all photos: contemporary fashion archive

Ann Demeulemeester is my first pick for this first post. I dug up some runway photos which go from 1991 onwards. Mention: features complete Ann D. collections starting "only" from 2000. Still, thinking we are getting closer to a decade from that moment, it is pretty impressive. Ann D.'s official site has some spotlights here and there in the collections tab, but in my opinion, the oldest ones are just enough to make me even more curious. Honestly, I can't get enough of these, and it is getting even more addictive: the air, the clothes, the times...

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