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When it comes to magazines, it's clear: I'm in for photo obsessing, gazing at very detail, as tiny as it may be, approximating and anticipating what could be on the next page. But I must confess, as much as I enjoy browsing online scans from magazine across the planet, I can't help feeling a little guilty. Scanning is not something the magazines themselves have control upon. It's sad, because once the mag wasn't supposed to be all available (at least the last issue) online for free, it does steal something from it. And from those who buy it, be it in print or not. Don't you ever feel it's not right but can't help clicking on the larger image because you're just a few seconds away from more visual delicacies?

source: tfs

Editorial: Hey, Carrots!
Models: Paulina & Patrycija Marciniak
Photographer: Jamie Nelson
Lula Magazine

I appreciate what the internet can offer every day, keeping us connected to the world wherever we are, but some values should exist. I vote guilty in my own name here, but I would love to just pretend I have an evil twin in my head who is doing all the dirty job. Aren't the mag scans just another form of stealing? I scan mags too every now and then if I have something in my possession which is worth sharing... but isn't this similar to illegal downloads? And, to put it all out here, these above are a few scans that surfaced, yet again, from the latest issue of Lula Magazine.

Have a great week everyone! Make it happen!

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  2. this is wonderful! I love the photo frame.. music

  3. this is wonderful! I love the photo frame.. music


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