The Brush Factory///Fabrica de Pensule

Yesterday evening we enjoyed the wonderful gallery openings that took place in a new contemporary art space: The Brush Factory (Fabrica de Pensule). The new space brings together several well-known art galleries around town, as well as other artists, painters and visual artists.

An old factory was reconverted into a four-storied art building. It is left entirely raw&unedited, just the way it initially was. Here and there, some white paint has been thrown over and the impression is that everything is still unfinished, still in the making. It is a beautiful process to be witnessed, since people were still writing their names on the doors of the workrooms/artspaces/galleries. Saying it is unconventional, incredibly cool and weel-put together would be an underestimation of the entire event and place, not to mention people.

The floors are each divided into several rooms, each with enough space to host gallery events, screenings, even small parties. Very fun, and a pleasure to be wandering around the factory, discovering new rooms and all sorts of interesting stuff.

~> A sketch of the floor plan on a wall, illustrating the exact position of the galleries.

Outside there was a huge white screen covering two stories on which there were projected photos/images. Very, very impressive as the sun was setting:

To be entirely honest, the primary reason for which I attended the event was to see the Fashion&Photography exhibition entitled "Who am I?/Where do I come from?/Where do I go?" by Lucian Broscatean, Ramona Gliga, Rinad Muti and Stefana Zdrenghea at Zmart Gallery.

Loved the works, how they were showed and the music. Plus, a real pleasure of meeting Lucian in person.

Note the entire space inside miraculously appearing out of nowhere in the industrial area where the building is located. I was completely amazed by this efect whenever I looked outside the window:

all photos in this post taken by me

After this first experience, I honestly can't wait to go there again, since the program is up for this month and November.

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  1. cool pipes idea:) unde este fabrica de pensule?

  2. hey! adresa este str. Henri Barbusse nr. 59-61, Cluj-N.


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