2 years of Sweet Fancy Treat today!

anniversary collage ♠ top left photo&logos: mine, all the rest lolita and tatielle ♠

On this very day, back in 2007, I was hitting the Publish button for the first post on Sweet Fancy Treat. I had absolutely no idea whatsoever what I should do, how was I supposed to organize myself and so on. Fact is, since then, things have changed so-so much it's hard to believe. First thing, I have learned thousands of new things (no exaggerations), virtually met so many new people, established connections and was totally inspired by each one of them. Each day, the gift of connecting instantly with the world and sharing opinions is such a great thing to do, we barely appreciate it because we take it as granted. I mean, how would the world function without the internet to connect us all in a matter of seconds? How? I am not thinking superficial, just taking a second to appreciate what has been the basis of my learning for the last couple of years and saying thank you to all of you out there who take time and read this and get in touch with me by emails or messages. Thank you greatest!
All these aside and taking into consideration the fact that this is the 792 post on the site, I will make a short summary of all the writing I have put up here. I would totally like to insist on using the term of site instead of blog because I believe in things evolving. I will take this to the next level and I am sure this means a whole lot more work to do. Sure, I will still share my thoughts, because the writing part should still be a little subjective since this is a self-fueled site, but even so! I think I can strive a bit more than just center it all around my life. Actually, even outfits or photos of myself don't appear that often as they once did. One reason for this is that I try to make it be less self-centered and move into objectivity. I plan on focusing much more on writing longer posts. Just not letting aside qualityphotos: I like them to be good and as many as possible. About the photos, I switched layouts some time ago so that photos now appear indecently large, so that all of you have what to stare at. Come on, you know you like huge photos and so do I! That is why going through older posts, they will pop out as inappropriate for this particular layout, but if you click on them, their true nature will be revealed!
This being said, let's go a bit through the archives and outline some of the most important things that were featured here. The most important are those listed just below the header and I am most convinced they are the essence of this site. So, these are just skimpy selections, to see all the posts, just click on the category in the tag cloud spinning on the right of the page! 

With these two categories I have covered the essence of what you can find browsing through the archives. Some of these are labeled with one or more of the following: On the Runway (103 posts: strictly what the title states), Photo (162 posts: some are so eye-candy you won't take your eyes off them), Inspiration (326 with this label: well, all of the posts actually, but I try to be as selective as humanly possible), Life (226 posts: include thought-challenging, daily questions), Magazines (67 posts: on & offline prints/scans), Attitude (187 posts: on how to approach things), Coffee break (188 posts: focus on relaxation and pleasure) and of course, the Fashion label hitting a massive 503 posts. And this is only scratching the surface! For more, just spin around the tag cloud and delight yourself with labels for each seasons, what I bought today, project, wish, or anything else strikes you fancy!

Also, the Transitions... pieces I wrote for this Fall is pretty rad too, if I may say so myself: How to find your fashion mojo and Polka Perfection.

Will keep building this site up, piling on written pieces and great visuals to come with them, until each and every post becomes so special it's a celebration in itself

Thanks for reading and checking in, I appreciate it lots!

I would love to hear what you have to say! Contact me by email: daiane@sweetfancytreat.com or let's tweet away!

Sweet treats,


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