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This may be the coolest new&improved way to use a pen. Mattjis van Bergen started by drawing on canvas in order to describe the story behind the collection. However in the end, besides the pen details, there appeared pleats, bold shapes and other fine detailing. I have mixed feelings about the heart-shaped wings coming out so... straight from the shoulder. Literally.

Since these are part of the AW09 collection entitled "Blanco", I went over to the official site to find out more. This is a collage made by me to give you a taste of what's going on in there. Turns out that the pleated metal details are handcrafted by Mattjis van Bergen's mother, which is a pretty cool personal touch. Did you hear about anything like this before? I wish there were some closeups too because the pieces remind me of antique decorations for some reason, and I would have loved to check them out in a larger view...

photo credits: Mattijs van Bergen

Anyway, I would be totally grateful if more fashion designers/brands would show a bit more attention to how people could help building their brand by making photos actually available. I have stated it on other occasions, so this may be getting repetitive, but even so. I mean, why leave as the only option available screen captures? This don't do any good neither to promoting yourself or the brand. Some sites have carefully put up section with lots of press releases and higher definition photos, so the visitors can actually see&appreciate the products... Kudos to that.

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