Work It, Anna

Irrespective of how much of a bitch tough editor-in-chief (American Vogue) others may think Anna Wintour is, it has to be admitted she has one prolific sense of humour. And cold blood to say it. No wonder she stands as high as she does. Let's see the roundup, courtesy of The Guardian:

On learning, aged 10, that she could be an Olympic sprinter:
How frightful! What on earth will happen to my calves? (1960)

Responding to a complaint from Cindy Crawford's agent after three of her photo shoots were dropped:

Cindy Crawford's just another model - I'm Anna Wintour (1996)

Asked by Vogue editor Grace Mirabella what job she wanted:

Yours (1982)

On editing:

A magazine should be like a perfect dinner party. The two essentials are a politician and a pretty girl (1977)

Photo from RDuJour where you can also see young Carine Roitfeld (Paris Vogue editor).

On her public image:

I read in the New York Times this week that I'm an ice queen, I'm the sun king, I'm an alien fleeing from District 9 and I'm a dominatrix. So I reckon that makes me a lukewarm royalty with a whip from outer space. Whattaya think? (2009)

On her first day as editor of British Vogue, seeing photos of a model with her head wrapped in bandages:

Oh my God, I'm back in England (1986)

Advice to an assistant about clothes:

You have to throw out everything you own (1977)

After a fur protestor dropped a dead racoon on her plate at the Four Seasons Grill Room:

Merry Christmas. Coffee, please ... (1996)

On the fuller figure:

I have just been on a trip to Minnesota, where I can only kindly describe most of the people I saw as little houses (2009)

On Vogue's website:

Come up with a new word for "blog" (2007)

On being sacked in 1976 by US Harper's Bazaar:

They didn't feel I understood the American woman - maybe they had a point (1986)

Asked by her best friend why she always hung up the phone without saying goodbye:

There's no point is there, really? We've finished talking (1962)

On The Devil Wears Prada:

I seem to remember that the film was fiction. We really like fiction at Vogue (2009)

On Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp:

If you are going to make accusations about the President, you had better have a good hairdresser (1998)

Any of these lines are worth a theatre play of their own, ain't it so? Fun fact: she became editor of Vogue the year I was born (1988).

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