Reverse Yourself In Colored Gradients

This was so fun! Creating color inspiration palettes based on how you perceive a word, a feeling, or a photo. Because I generally love admiring editorials, especially fashion ones, I thought it would be very useful to extract something more from them. Besides ideas on how to wear clothes, how to mix and match... what if the colors could be taken to a different level of usage?
And here we come to today's feeling. When I say September, I mean dusty colors, wind messing with my hair, lots of layering, enjoying comfort and softness. Actually, I think that may be the word for it: softness. Maybe because summer is about bright shades of nearly everything, from flowers to blinding rays of sun... I feel the need of literally cooling things down once the temperatures allow it.
What you can see below is fashion photo + its color theme. Enjoy.

Editorial photo credits: Fashion Gone Rogue.
Magazine: Elle US (September 09)
Model: Valentina Zeliaeva
Photographer: Richard Bush
Styling: Sarah Richardson

Color themes: made by me, based on the images.

It feels so great to just look at these colors all ligned up one next to the other. I have no idea why, but I could gaze at them for hours...

Sweet treats,

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