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Today the focus will be both on clothing and store fixtures design. Why? Well, because they are even better when they complete each other. Especially when we are talking about quirky, colorful fixtures. Case in point? Rich Brilliant Willing for Urban Outfitters store. Behind the name of Rich Brilliant Willing stand three New York based designers: Theo Richardson, Charles Brill and Alex Williams. UO is not their first retail client because they already worked for several other names in the business. However, the challenge was to reinterpret the strong established brand vision of UO, and make it reference the "mish-mash of the urban environment". The store fixtures came out a bit unusual, yes, but I personally love them. Totally. I mean, look at the atmosphere they generate:

photos from here, collages done by me

But why did I highlight this project? Well, because it shows once again, that knowing HOW TO sell is essential. Branding yourself, marketing, maintaining a certain level of expectations people have from you, is incredibly important and yes, hard. And details do make the difference. We live & learn.

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