Passport to Fe(a)ther Land

Today I discovered this beautiful video entitled "Birds of a Fether". It's a short film which presents Erin Fetherston's autumn/winter '09 collection in a rather unexpected way. If you're not familiar with Erin Fetherston, then you should be, and fast. She's one of the few designers that actually embodies her creations, her fashion. I'm having a hard time trying to dissociate her from what she does. I find that to be a great fact, and really important to raise credibility. Erin has been taking the fashion world by a storm only for the last four years. But she accomplished so much during this period: built up her name, established her brand and found a genuine way to express it.

So much for the talk, this is the video:

Here are some screenshots I totally love and had to share:

Some of the ladies who make an appearance in the film: Paz de la Huerta, Ingrid Schram, Daria Strokous, singer Kelsey Barrett. An army of models basically follow leader Erin throughout the West Village. Director: Marisa Crawford. One could say the idea is a bit egocentric, but I adore how the video ends, with Erin hiding from the girls an letting them continue their way on their own. The title itself is pure genius, reminiscent of Erin Fetherston yet again: "Birds of a Fether". It's such a good way of putting this: "I'm showing you how to begin it, so you can carry on by yourself afterwards". And that's how a brilliant promotion gets done.

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