Let's Get Cultural

If one counts book cover illustrations as cultural. But I promise, after you're finished with reading this post, you will see them as such. We are talking about Ruben Toledo, who is a multi-media artist, and yes, married to fashion designer Isabel Toledo. The two work together on various projects and he even put this into a book and an exhibition entitled Toledo/Toledo: A Marriage of Art and Fashion...
So, the book covers I was mentioning? Commissioned by Penguin with the explicit wish of making them appealing to young people. True words from Ruben: "they are all period stories, clearly set in another time and ruled by the mode of their time in history, yet are totally relevant to this Twitter world we live in. "

photo credits: WWD

I will finish by outlining the best reason to admire Ruben's work: because it spans so many domains! Take a deep breath: illustrator, painter, sculptor, fashion chronicler; designer of: mannequins, store windows, award statuettes, scarves, fabrics, dishes and carpets. What made Ruben well known though (at least from my point of view) are his illustrations for The New Yorker, Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar, among others. That's what I call being an inspiring person.

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