"if you want to hear the sound of beauty, come and hear her sing"

”A Dream of a Dress”
Vogue Italia, September 2009
Photographer: Paolo Roversi
photo credit: Haute Macabre

This must be the most ravishing look I've seen lately. In terms of looking precious but a bit edgy; dripping in diamonds but casual; glamorous and what not. Let's make up a story for her, shall we? So consider it's the storyteller who will be borrowing the following paragraph.

She's not a bride. She may seem preoccupied but she's just trying to catch her breath a bit. She ran away from an extravagant party just when the waiters bringing bubbly champagne walked inside the room. She didn't want to be there anymore for the moments to come. Neither for all that would have followed: the dance, the casual and polite conversations... So she sneaked outside the door when nobody was watching and ran across the front lawn. Passed right by some guests who were just arriving. Didn't turn her head and hurried as much as possible on her sky-high heels to get to the main road. By now, her long hair was down, leaning on her shoulders, and mirroring her every move. Suddenly she stoped and waited, looking across the plain, aiming towards the horizon. The sun was just about to set and its last rays of light were shining in her eyes and decadent necklace. The wait was short: a car stopped and waited for her to get inside, carefully arranging the dress around herself. Ten minutes later, she was sitting at a casual table with a dim light hanging from above; here eyes were fixing the singer on stage, and her ears wouldn't catch a single sound except these:

Sweet treats,


  1. i like the story; once you start reading it,u want to hear it until the end..

  2. hm...i've been pondering on whether to leave it like this or not. but maybe an open ending is better in this case. you know what? maybe i'll continue it if i find the suitable photos :)

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