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I had loads of fun reading what hipster is described to be by the Urban Dictionary. It's been so widely disputed lately over the internet, I've read countless of times that it is such an out term, it should be cut out of language usage. So that is why I find it particularly amusing. When people are bored of seeing and hearing too much of something, they just ban the whole thing. Like it never existed. But I'm digressing. The best description is of a hipster is... You, for reading ironic, pseudo-intellectual dictionary entries on the word "hipster". 
Also, don't we get bored already with the geek chic style? Everybody is still doing it, turning it into something so usual to see, it's not even fun anymore. Confession: I totally love it, I'm just arguing with myself right now whether to admit it or not...
So, coolness x 2, in alphabetical order, just to sort out any differences:

ph. by Antonella Arismendi from here

ph. by Paul Farnham from here

Aaaand! For another cool photo set by Antonella Arismendi check out the Complot Girls shoot. I couldn't decide upon just some, and they are too many. Oh-la-la! Enjoy the eye-candy!

Sweet treats,


  1. haha, i really love how people have this ongoing need for categorization. if you're not hipster, you-re geek or cheerleader or i don't know what else. and the way in which we try to fit into these categories and playing roles :D. yeah, life is a theater ;)
    and i love the subversiveness of the second shot. great "girl meets woman"

  2. i love this post and Carola's quote.."life is a theater" lol, isn't it? I'm right on the line with ya on the whole geek chic movement too... i love it to pieces but it's waaay overdone. that definition of hipster is awesome. :)


  3. @carola: exactly! but how much do girls love pretending they star in theater plays? too much ;)) and for all the right reasons!
    @A Thought Is The Blossom: thanks Starr, glad you like it!

  4. What a great post, love the photos there great.
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