Faces On Clothes

You know what it's really worth admiring? When people don't choose to dress as their idols/inspirers, but rather show appreciation by wearing prints with them. Of course, I won't even go into the rock/pop band photos placed on T-shirts. Those can be quite appealing too if they also come with a worn out air, 80s decadence going on.
You may have already seen these, but the Dolce&Gabbana Fall 09 collection does the Marilyn Monroe tribute extremely well. It's not cheesy or too fashion forward. It's a great example of how face-printed clothes can be brought right out into the spotlight again. With great taste. Collage by me.

Here's Anja Rubik posing in a D&G Marilyn Monroe printed dress in Vogue Germany September 2009. Photographer Alexi Lubomirski.

You can see more from the editorial entitled "Dress to thrill" here. Complete D&G Fall 09 collection right over here.

Well deserved attention for these pieces. Besides this long princess gown I also love the short skirt in the upper left corner of the collage. I'd never take it off, haha.

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