Dress For Epicness

This is everything I envision about fashion design to be, all the hopes I put into it, every single of them translates into this: a chance to play, let imagination go wild, turn anything into everything, mix, match, replace, blend. Truth is, when you play it too safe, nobody notices. The most you would get is a "Nice". The worst is getting an "Interesting": the lack of expresivity in this one kills me. It's either downright "Ugly" or "Astonishing", just not "Interesting", ok?
Marc Jacobs is not only epic because, well, he is himself, but also because he really creates. In the interpretative sense of the word not just throwing things together and present just another different blend in front of the crowd. Today: Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2010.

Giving the public a different taste of your work will always be appreciated, as we can learn once again from the SS10 collection. I personally consider the overall collection to be amazingly well put together, coherent and sexy. Also, I appreciate creativity in the shoe department, but it was quite far from being love at first sight. On the same note, I love the hairstyle and really think it has the potential to push forward once again the Scandinavian look that made the rounds at some point on the internet. This time, it will make it with a clearly fancier twist. I must say I would gladly stick one of those gorgoues hair accessories on the top of my head. Will try a blogger's DIY version of that, ok? Let's see how it goes. Deadline: next Spring.
Another personal critique: I don't totally take in the make-up: I get the origins, the idea behind of it, but it is too costumerish, even for runway purpose. It's not that big of an innovation, but it would have been perfect without the eyebrow line. But oh, the eye contour, divine!

The key point of each look must have been the ruffles. They were everywhere and it was a very well staged detail. They work on any type of clothing item, and I almost feel I should dive into them asap, no worth waiting for 2010, right? The colors, the cuts, the little pearls attached to the end of collars or other details were heavenly executed. I like to think that these little details give that something which make someone appreciate it first at a subconscious level. From there on it will be judged with the mind or the heart. The first impression, how you feel the clothes moving is crucial.

Now onto the appreciation corner. I am absolutely stunned by how many age ranges this collection can address to. From long dresses to mid-length ones and the shortest shorts, it appeals to anyone. Also, bonus for the bra over top stunt, this will certainly never go out of... style (irony seriously not intended). Also, loved the blazers and the scarves, and the majority of the bags. Great mix of West and East. Especially East. That must be why Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons just kept popping in my mind when I was viewing the collection.

And if you were by chance wondering about the music that was played, I learned it was “Lillac a Libertine” from the album “Emelline Art Bitch” by Charli XCX. Do check her out, she's a cool must-see.

all photos: style.com, collages by me.

Sweet treats,


  1. Este un succes aceasta colectie marc jacobs, a primit doar pareri pozitive...

  2. mie imi place...partial. dar nu ii neg calitatile, desi am citit opinii care sustineau ca este stilul bunicutelor :)) se poate, te pui cu avangarda? xx

  3. Este un succes aceasta colectie marc jacobs, a primit doar pareri pozitive...


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