Different Names For The Same Thing

A few weeks ago I was dreaming about polka dotted tights with the same intensity you wish for something you know it will take time to arrive. Like... looking forward to Christmas in the middle of summer. Exactly. So if this post (Transitions: Polka Perfection) was dedicated to regular polka dots on tights, here's a special treat: black hearts on white background.

♠ ph.1 via lolita ph.2 via julia

Oh dear. I think that if I stare much more at these photos, I will get a headache. Gorgeousss. Also, I find that the contrast between these two photos placed one near another is a transition in itself. The first is real-life (originally from Garance Dore, if I recall corectly) and the other is most probably from an editorial... I'd love to know which one, that's for sure!

Title of the post... this song popped in my head completely out of the blue:

Now tell me, do you happen to have any links to similar designs?

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  1. oh wow, these tights are amazing! thanks for the inspiration.


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