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So I'm having this intense love-hate relationship with Alexander Wang's SS10 football inspired collection. Actually, it may be more to it: admiration for people who can come up with something perfect, something not so much, and still get away with the entire thing. On the whole, after viewing all catwalk photos I was like: "Is it over? Where is the Wang-y feeling to it?" Oh, wait, here it comes:

More than anything I am such an avid seeker of backstage photos, I could watch these for hours and never get bored:

photos via tfs

Besides the gorgeous shades, meow, these are some hairstyle photos defintely worth taking a look at when I'm pondering whether to cut my hair shorter or not: not! Also, yes, I am aware of the fact that not all of it is well, real, but the awesome result of great hairstylist work but then again, wow:

photos via tfs

And it will grow this long until Spring hits:

photos via

For this collection, I loved the hoods, the dresses and the socks. I just had to list these as such and get it over with. Football can look cool, yes, but on the catwalk. Some of the pieces though are epic indeed and can easily be taken to the streets...
Because I started this as a hair-inspiration post and totally shifted to Wang's collection, I guess I will save those photos for another time. The respective folder on my computer is in fact getting bigger by the day...

Also, keep an eye out for some suprises I have already lined up! Details to come soon.

Sweet treats,

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